Procedure of order VIP reservation

  1. Booking of VIP seats for the XLIII National Arabian Horse Show in Janów Podlaski (hereinafter referred to as the “Show”) takes place exclusively via e-mai, excluding the guests invited directly by the Organizer.
  2. Applications should be made to the following e-mail address” with providing personal data. In addition, the person submitting the application is obliged to provide: a contact telephone number and e-mail address.
  3. The owners / breeders of horses entered for the Show have the priority to submit the VIP invitation. Each of the owners / breeders of horses participating in the Show is entitled to receive a maximum of 2 (two) invitations (meaning invitations for 2 people, i.e. owner / breeder + 1 accompanying person indicated at the registration), regardless of the number of horses entered for the Show.
  4. The owner / breeder who withdraws his only horse participating in the Show by July 11, 2021, will lose the right to obtain 2 (two) invitations referred to in point 3.
  5. VIP invitations to owners / breeders will be distributed after July 11, 2021.
  6. The persons who are not the owners / breeders of horses participating in the Show or guests invited by the Organizer (hereinafter referred to as “Participants“) shall apply for participation in the Show in accordance with point 2, together with the date (s) of the show in which they want to participate. The applying Participant may obtain a maximum of 1 (one) VIP invitation. The order of applications will decide about obtaining the invitation. The number of free places for Show Participants will depend on the number of applications made by the owners / breeders of horses participating in the Show and the confirmed number of the Organizer’s guests participating in the Show. The total number of invitations provided by the Organizer for horse owners / breeders, guests of the Organizer and Participants is 200 (two hundred) – as of June 2, 2021, in accordance with the regulations referred to in the Regulation of the Council of Ministers of May 25, 2021, item 957 amending the regulation on the establishment of certain restrictions, prohibitions and prohibitions in relation to the outbreak of an epidemic.
  7. The final number of Show Participants, determined according to the order of applications, will be announced by the Organizer no later than on the July 16, 2021 – the information will be provided to the Participants individually to the e-mail address provided by them, after the Organizer has verified the number of free places for Show Participants, i.e. after taking into account the priority of applications made by horse owners / breeders and taking into account the Organizer’s guests who confirmed their participation in the Show.
  8. The Organizer does not charge any fees for entries and allocated invitations to the Show from horse owners / breeders, Organizer’s guests or Participants.
  9. Participants who, according to the established order of applications, will not receive VIP invitation due to the limit of VIP invitation, they will have priority in obtaining a free seat on the audience stand. In such a situation, the Participant will be obliged to confirm the willingness to obtain a free seat on the audience stand in response to the information referred to in point 7.
  10. All persons participating in the Show will be required to submit an appropriate statement on the day of the event related to the epidemiological threat of SARS-CoV-2.
  11. The person who makes the booking and giving his/her personal data in the application, declares that agree to the processing of personal data indicated in this application by the Polish Jockey Club (“PJC”) based in Warsaw, in order to make VIP invitation at the XLIII National Arabian Horse Show organized by the PJC. The person, who makes the booking, declares that he/she has been informed by the Polish Jockey Club about the right of withdrawal of the processing of his/her personal data, the withdrawal of such consent will not affect the lawfulness of processing data, which the PJC made before the withdrawal of the consent