On 30 April, another press conference was held regarding the organisation of Pride of Poland 2019. It was attended by Tomasz Chalimoniuk – President of the Polish Jockey Club and Mariusz Rytel – press spokesman of the event. This time, the organisers presented the list of horses from private studs taking part in the auction, ticket prices and list of guests of honour.

“In total, 16 horses from private studs have been submitted for participation in Pride of Poland and Summer Sale. Three of them will be put up for auction,” said Tomasz Chalimoniuk. “The only criterium for putting a horse up for auction during Pride of Poland is that the horse must have won a title during a show,” he added. The President of the Polish Jockey Club also announced that the payment for a horse to participate in the event is PLN 3,500 and includes promotion-related costs (photo session) and VIP invitations for the owners. Currently, photo sessions are carried out in the national studs for the purposes of the auction catalogue.

On Friday, entrance to the event will be free of charge for everybody. “We wanted the residents of Janów Podlaski and of the region to be able to participate in Pride of Poland on Friday. We are doing our best to really honour the residents and to keep the entrance fees as low as possible on the following days,” said Mariusz Rytel. An outdoor party and agricultural exhibition of the KOWR’s companies and other entities will be held for the residents.

President Chalimoniuk stressed that the organisers would like to act locally when it comes to catering, service providers etc. They will hire companies from Janów Podlaski and its surroundings.

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