Pride Of Poland 2021

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

For the third time, the Polish Jockey Club has the privilege of organizing the National Arabian Horse Show and the Pride of Poland auction in Janów Podlaski. We hope that this year’s festival for breeders and owners will be held with the participation of the audience and without the additional restrictions that have determined all our undertakings for a year.

This year’s show will be a selection test of what has been successfully bred in Poland in previous years, both in the state studs and at private breeders, whose role in the entire breeding industry is growing and is crucial for the future.

We invite everyone to visit Janów Podlaski on August 13-16th, 2021. Please remember that the number of tickets is limited for each day of the show, so plan your potential visit in advance.

Let 2021 be a breakthrough year in the fight against the pandemic, and may the joy of watching beautiful animals allow everyone to return to normal faster.

This year’s auction will also answer the question of where Arabian horse breeding is after the pandemic and how much this annual break influenced the determination to develop it in the world. It is magical that a small town in the east of Poland gives such an answer in a global sense.

Once again, we invite everyone to Janów Podlaski.