Amazing Perfinka from Białka, a foal out of the famous Wieża Mocy and a foal out of Emandoria from Michałów Stud, as well as the lease of Atakama from Janów Podlaski Stud, arouse the greatest emotions in the world of breeders and owners of purebred Arabian horses. The 51st Pride of Poland Auction will take place on 9th of August.

This year’s Pride of Poland Auction catalogue will include 26 items. Obviously, most of them are offers from state-owned studs. The greatest emotions are provoked by Perfinka, last year’s winner of the US Triple Gold Crown (shows in Scottsdale, senior mare championship in Las Vegas, the US Nationals). However, Perfinka is not the only heroine so successful overseas this year. Wieża Mocy, whose foal also attracts great interest, can boast about similar awards.

Another 15 mares and 4 stallions entered in the Summer Sale Auction should be added to this year’s Pride of Poland Auction catalogue already including 26 items.

We hope that the competition to acquire such great horses will contribute to the continuous prestige and constant development of the Polish breeding.

The detailed list of horses reported for both auctions is:

List of horses Pride of Poland (.pdf)

List of horses Summer Salle (.pdf)